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Plumbing fittings have characteristics

Green building materials, plumbing fittings have the healthy quality of non-corrosion, non-scaling, non-bacteria.
Firm new pipe to meet the pursuit of non-leakage. Non-toxic and harmless, in full compliance with national drinking water health indicators.
The full application of internationally advanced hot-melt connection technology makes it more convenient and faster when you are constructing and installing.
Good thermal insulation performance, plumbing fittings do not need additional insulation material when used in hot water system.
And as an energy-saving product. Favored by more consumers.
Smooth inner wall of the pipe, to ensure smooth and fast water flow through, thus reducing the resistance of water flow.
Pipes are made of thermoplastic material with environmental protection function, without the worry of environmental pollution, and in the process of its production and use, it can be recycled, and control the waste of resources, and become a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products of choice.
1. Plumbing fittings are lightweight, flexible and easy to construct.
The weight of the pipe is 1/20 of the galvanized steel pipe, easy to handle, the bending radius is 6D (D: pipe outer diameter).
2. Good durability, non-toxic and harmless.
Because it is a polymer with polymer, the molecular structure is stable, the service life can reach 50-100 years, and non-toxic and harmless.
3. UV resistance, corrosion resistance
Resistant to ultraviolet rays and microorganisms, it will not have any effect on water quality.
4. Good frost and heat resistance
In the case of -20 ℃, has a good low-temperature impact resistance, the pipe will not freeze and crack, after thawing, the pipe can be restored to its original state, can withstand high temperatures below 100 ℃.
5. Plumbing fittings smooth wall, no scaling
Smooth inner wall, compared with galvanized pipe, can increase water flow by 30%.
6. Advanced connection method
The connection method is integrated heat fusion connection, so when buried, it can avoid the movement of the pipe and the leakage of the connection caused by the temperature change and water hammer phenomenon.
7.Energy saving
With good heat preservation, Weixing PB can save 30% energy when used for low-temperature radiant floor heating.
8. Easy maintenance


Pneumatic valve working principle and failure analysis

The so-called pneumatic valve, specifically refers to the cylinder as an actuator, compressed air as a power source to realize the drive of the valve, in order to achieve the switch to regulate.

Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves

Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves

Plumbing fittings classification method

Plumbing fittings in the elbow fittings classification: elbow fittings according to the radius of curvature to points, can be divided into long radius elbow and short radius elbow. Long radius elbow means that its radius of curvature is equal to 1.5 times the outside diameter of the pipe