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What is the welding process of the flange

Required equipment and tools a set of manual electric welding equipment, a handle angle grinder, an electric air hammer, a plane ruler.
Welding preparation before checking and debugging equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment; preparation φ4.0 J402 welding rod at 300 ℃ -350 ℃ drying one hour.
 Welding process assembly of the vertebrae and large flange according to the drawing requirements assembled together, and then evenly divided into 8 equal parts of the large flange; welding due to the flange is thicker, the bevel is larger, so the use of symmetrical segments, multi-layer welding.
Weld quality requirements of the weld strength at least up to the strength of the base material. The surface of the weld is flat and smooth, without burn-through, porosity, welding leakage, slag, biting edge, not fully welded and other defects. The residual height is less than 2mm.


Pneumatic valve working principle and failure analysis

The so-called pneumatic valve, specifically refers to the cylinder as an actuator, compressed air as a power source to realize the drive of the valve, in order to achieve the switch to regulate.

Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves

Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves

Plumbing fittings classification method

Plumbing fittings in the elbow fittings classification: elbow fittings according to the radius of curvature to points, can be divided into long radius elbow and short radius elbow. Long radius elbow means that its radius of curvature is equal to 1.5 times the outside diameter of the pipe