Pneumatic valve working principle and failure analysis

The so-called pneumatic valve, specifically refers to the cylinder as an actuator, compressed air as a power source to realize the drive of the valve, in order to achieve the switch to regulate.

Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves

Advantages and disadvantages of several types of valves

Plumbing fittings classification method

Plumbing fittings in the elbow fittings classification: elbow fittings according to the radius of curvature to points, can be divided into long radius elbow and short radius elbow. Long radius elbow means that its radius of curvature is equal to 1.5 times the outside diameter of the pipe

Plumbing fittings have characteristics

Green building materials, plumbing fittings have the healthy quality of non-corrosion, non-scaling, non-bacteria

What are the materials of alloy elbow

Alloy elbow material is diverse, common carbon steel, manganese steel, nickel steel and so on. Alloy elbow is very widely used. Ordinary alloy elbow made of bronze is more common in the general water pipeline, but with the improvement of living standards, many of the water pipeline impact is relatively strong in the pipeline. Therefore, it is often used in high temperature water vapor transmission pipelines, water and gas pipelines. Conveying pipelines and other wear and tear consumption is more serious in the pipeline.

What is the welding process of the flange

Required equipment and tools a set of manual electric welding equipment, a handle angle grinder, an electric air hammer, a plane ruler.

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